Free time is habitually hard to come by.  Jobs, families, social lives, etc… consume the majority (if not all) of your day, leaving you with very limited time for creating the home aesthetics and lifestyle you had envisioned.  The purpose of this blog is to equip you with the tools for creating the home lifestyle you desire through sharing my experiences, recipes and ideas for how I went about creating my own home.  I believe that regardless of how busy you may be, it is possible to still have a home life that is beautiful, practical, affordable and well-equipped for entertaining. 

Callie Cagney is a Washington, DC based healthcare professional with an undergraduate degree in Healthcare Management and Policy and a graduate degree in Health Systems Administration from Georgetown University.  Alongside her love of healthcare is her enjoyment for the “Domestic Arts” (a term she uses to encapsulate everything pertaining to home life).  She is married to her wonderful husband Chris and they have an English Bulldog, Dolly, who they love and admittedly have spoiled rotten.