March Kitchen Tools

When I first got into cooking my kitchen was (naturally) very poorly equipped.  I had  2 steak knives, a plastic cutting board (*broken*), a cookie sheet, a set of mixing bowls and a set of pots and pans.  You can certainly accomplish a lot with those items, but it definitely made cooking very labor intensive.

Ever since I first began contemplating the idea of this blog, I knew that I wanted to have a monthly post where I discussed 3 favorite kitchen tools.  There are tons of kitchen tools on the market, some of which have been life changing for me and others not so much.  This monthly post will showcase those tools that I really think are worth the investment.  Since my house is currently overloaded with citrus at the moment, I figured that it might be best to start with three of my favorite citrus tools.   

Citrus Reamer

This is my favorite "on-the-go" juicing tool for citrus.  When recipes call for "the juice of a lemon" and you don't feel like taking out all of your juicing equipment, grab that citrus reamer!  It's quick, effective, takes up minimal storage space and some models are even dishwasher safe (My reamer is hand-wash only, but still easy to clean).


I would actually categorize the microplane as a "must-have" kitchen tool.  Not only is it great for zesting citrus quickly and easily, but it is also great for grating fresh parmesan cheese, nutmeg and even shaving chocolate!  In addition to its many uses, the microplane comes with my favorite feature…it's dishwasher safe!!!  What isn't to love about this multipurpose kitchen tool?!?

Citrus Juicer

While the electronic citrus juicers are nice to have, I have found this manual juicer to be more than sufficient for my juicing needs.  When recipes require a specific measurement of freshly squeezed citrus juice, I use my citrus juicer.  Why?  It comes with the measuring units on the container below the reamer, a filter to separate the seeds from the juice, it's small size makes its easy to store and of course it's dishwasher safe to boot!

While this post is only a small flavor of all of the kitchen tools that I look forward to sharing with you in the future, I hope it has equipped you with the information needed for outfitting your kitchen with citrus tools.