Selecting a Fruit Bowl

Recently I had been itching for a little updating in the fruit bowl department.  Sounds ridiculous, right?  Well, I have had the same glass pedestal fruit bowl since grad school.  Don't get me wrong, it's a classic fruit bowl that has been a wonderful addition to my kitchen countertop for years.  However, I needed a change, so the search for a new fruit bowl commenced!

As fate might have it, I was perusing through CB2 for small hors d'oeuvres bowls and came across the most perfect fruit bowl to update my space!  The best part....$14.95!!!  The large CB2 pinch bowl (pictured above) has added that much needed update to my kitchen countertops.  In addition, I have also found it to be a fabulous pop of gold on my living room display shelf and even as a vase for a few of my flower arrangements.  

Classic Fruit Bowl

  • If a classic fruit bowl is your preference, a simple white or clear glass bowl with modest decor would be the way to go.  White and glass tend to have a very clean look and are adaptable to most decor settings.  I have also included the Nambe Fruit Tree Bowl because a wood bowl can also be a classic look.  In addition, I love the aesthetic of the attached banana stand (used for prolonging the life of your bananas).  

Favorites Include: Sur La Table Cabbage Serve Bowl, Juliska Berry & Thread Footed Fruit Bowl, Dartington English Country Collection Centerpiece Bowl, Nambe Fruit Tree Bowl

Pedestal Fruit Bowl

  • I ADORE a pedestal bowl.  The added height creates a sense of sophistication and added elegance to the bowl and fruit presentation.  Another benefit is that you can separate your ethylene-sensitive (ES) from your ethylene producing (EP) fruits by storing one group in the bowl and the other group at the base of the bowl (just an idea).  Here is an article from Real Simple that breaks down which fruits are ES and which are EP.

Favorites Include: Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Marble Fruit Bowl, Williams-Sonoma Monogrammed Fruit Bowl, Nate Berkus Etched Ceramic Pedestal Bowl, Crate & Barrel Del Mar Serving Bowl

Multipurpose Fruit Bowl

  • Living in the city, I am always in search of space-saving solutions.  At least 80% of the items in my home need to have purpose, and I am elated my home items can serve more than one purpose.  Below are suggestions for fruit bowls (some of which I own and use as fruit bowls currently) that serve additional purposes such as: Cake Stand, Punch Bowl, Salad Bowl, Bread Basket and even Mixing Bowls!
My Nambe Butterfly Salad Bowl makes a great fruit/produce bowl when I have a bunch of bulky items that need to kept at room temperature.  

My Nambe Butterfly Salad Bowl makes a great fruit/produce bowl when I have a bunch of bulky items that need to kept at room temperature.  

Fruit Bowls with Flair

  • Let me just say, I LOVE this category of fruit bowls.  While they are not necessarily multipurpose or classic, they are aesthetically fab!  Personally, I am all about the splash of MacKenzie-Childs in my kitchen.  This large hand-painted Courtly Check Enamel Compote makes for a great pedestaled fruit bowl, while adding a touch of character and charm to your space.  In addition, I wanted to include an option similar to my gold CB2 pinch bowl in price, aesthetic and functionality.  This Threshold Hammered Bowl with Gold Finish from Target certainly fit the bill!  These are four great options for updating your space, adding a little character and of course storing your fruit!

Favorites Include:  MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Checked Enamel Compote (Large), Threshold Hammered Large Serving Bowl with Gold Finish, Alessi "Marta Sansonic" Cactus Fruit Bowl, SPI Home Twig Basket

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that writing a post on fruit bowls could be this much fun and enlightening.  There really are so many different types of fruit bowls out there that can add a great deal to your space in both look and functionality. I would encourage you to take a little time to explore and decide on a fruit bowl that best suits your lifestyle.  A fruit bowl's potential really can go far beyond it's obvious face value.