My First (and most Classic) "Cheesescape"

I love to "Cheesescape" (actually that is a huge understatement).  For those of you who have seen my Instagram posts, this probably isn't news to you, but for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to get to know me through my instagram or in person, yes, I am a "Cheesescape" fanatic.  

What is a "Cheesescape?"  I am sure this term probably has been in existence for a long time and I would never take credit for discovering the term, but it wasn't a term that I had researched or heard about.  It actually just came to my brain one day while preparing for a dinner party I was hosting that night.  I had just finished setting the table (aka Tablescaping) and was in the midst of assembling my first cheeseboard when the term happened to come to me.  "Cheesescape" is my word for decorating a cheeseboard.

This cheeseboard was a wonderful mix of flavors.  While their were certain pairings on this board that were exceptional together (like the pear crisps with the chili flake encrusted goat cheese drizzled with sourwood honey), the 3 cheese I selected for this board were fairly mild in flavor so  all of the different elements here were very "mix and match" friendly.  

Here is a breakdown of everything I used to "scape" this board:  



  • Fresh Granny Smith Apple (sliced thinly with fresh squeezed lemon juice poured over the flesh to keep it from turning brown)
  • Red Apricot (they were in season at the time of this scape)
  • Dried Tart Cherries
  • Dried Fruit Medley


Fresh Herbs:

While this is sure to be only the first of many cheesescaping posts, I hope that it provides you with a little inspiration for the next time (or possibly first time) you "Cheesescape."