Displaying Hand Soap in Your Bathroom

Pump Soap vs. Bar Soap

This sounds crazy to discuss Pump Soap vs. Bar Soap, but many people (myself included) have an opinion/preference regarding the form of hand soap displayed in their bathroom.  

Pump Soap

  • Personally, I love pump soap for everyday hand washing.  I am a huge fan of the Mrs. Meyer's line of hand soaps. They smell delicious and I love that they are non-toxic.  I even think the packaging is pretty enough to display without transferring to a more formal pump soap dispenser.  It can add a fresh pop of coordinated color to a sea of monochromatic countertop accessories without having to permanently commit to that additional color.  Liquid Soap overall is a great option for everyday hand cleansing because it leaves little mess post-use and accomplishes the obvious (sanitizing your hands).   If you are interested in outfitting your bathroom sink with pump soap, here are a few suggestions for different liquid soaps and containers that I happen to love. 

Bar Soap

In the end, this debate really doesn't have a winner.  Actually, this debate really wasn't even a debate, but rather a look into the variety of options that exist in the world of hand soap and soap accessories.  Pick whatever soap works best for you and if you have the opportunity to try any of the items I have talked about in this post, you won't be disappointed!