Current Reading List Favorites

I am always trying to grow my knowledge base, especially when it comes to decor, food and entertaining. With the endless number of  resources available I find myself constantly learning new things.  At the moment I am currently loving three books that have all coincidentally been written by editors of prominent magazines.  While I wasn't actively looking for editor written books, I think my selection is a testament to the fact that editors certainly know their subjects!  These three books are inspiring and if you have the opportunity to check them out, I highly recommend doing so.  

Modern Mix, By: Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross is an editor at Better Homes and Garden, but more importantly, he has an eye for design and is an expert entertainer.  His recently published book, Modern Mix, takes you through the process of obtaining beautiful vintage finds, restoring the pieces and then showing you beautiful ways to use the items throughout the home (using his NYC Apartment and Connecticut Home as the examples).  I love this book because it has inspired me to look at the possibilities of a vintage piece, even if you might be starting with something you think is in a state of complete disrepair.   This book is absolutely beautiful and a very helpful companion guide for shopping flea markets and thrift stores.  It also makes for a fabulous coffee table book to display in my living room. 

Clean Slate

In addition to currently LOVING the whole "grain bowl trend," my husband and I are on a mission to overhaul our diets by eating cleaner foods (non-GMO) that provide maximum health benefits/nutritional value (ex. foods loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, etc).  We both recently hit 30 and have come to the realization that it's time to start taking better care of our bodies beyond just hitting the gym regularly.  

I actually came across this book, Clean Slate, while perusing the book section at Costco (love that store!), and couldn't put it down!  This book provides you with all of the information needed to shop for and prepare food that will most optimally nourish your body.  It also includes guides for the best food detoxifiers, antioxidants and other health boosting nutrients.  If that wasn't enough, this book also has the most fabulous recipe ideas (including grain bowls)!  Clean Slate has really helped to reform my way of thinking about food and the nutrition I put into my body.  The clean eating philosophy is quickly becoming a new way of life for us and we are absolutely loving it.  I highly recommend checking out Clean Slate, as it is definitely an excellent read.  

Domino, The Book of Decorating 

I adore Domino's monthly magazines and website, featuring home decor and interior design.  Domino has been a source of decor inspiration for me ever since I first became interested in interior design and properly decorating my home.  Recently, I discovered Domino's book of decorating while perusing the interior design section at Barnes and Noble (yes, I still love to go to brick and mortar bookstores).  This book has been compiled by the editors of Domino magazine and is a fabulous resource/room-by-room guide for how to put your home together.  This book covers every aspect of interior decorating from measurements and scale, to design tricks and all of the best decorating resources.  For anyone who may be attempting to decorate a space in their home or even if you are simply interested in learning more about the world of interior design, this book is a must read!