Valentine's Day Cocktail Party for Two - Dessert & Champagne Bar

Part two of this Valentine's Cocktail Party for Two might be the most essential part of this evening-- Dessert and Champagne!  I didn't want to go wild with the food and have my husband rolling out of the room at the end of the night, but there was no way that I was going to host a romantic Valentine's evening without a few chocolates and glasses of bubbly.  

I also want to point out that this evening works really well if you are single and want to host a Valentine's themed party for a group of your single friends.  The only adjustments I would make would be to add more cheese, appetizer plates and champagne (depending on your total number of guests).  This day is about being with those closest to you and having fun, so if that means friends, great!  


If there is one thing my husband LOVES, it's a "sweet treat" or two.  Still worried about overloading my husband with food, I wanted to have a modest dessert selection.  I decided to select little bites that kept in line with the Valentine's/Romantic theme and didn't require a ton of prep work.  The results were both delicious and festive. 

Champagne Bar:

I love serving champagne with all of the "fixings."  There is something about the ability to customize your own glass of champagne that really makes it unique, festive and extra delicious.  For this spread, I included  blackberries, raspberries and fresh red currants.  Other tasty additions could be pomegranate seeds and champagne cocktail ingredients (sugar cube + bitters).  

Table Decor & Other Accessories:

The concept I wanted to stick with when designing this table was simple, chic, festive and functional.  I kept the color scheme to red, gold, black and white, and brought over only one piece of patterned tableware from the cocktail table (my Scalamandre Cocktail Napkins).  This way I could create both a cohesive and romantic aesthetic without going overboard on the decor.   

As is my goal with every post, I want you to feel both inspired and empowered to recreate these concepts I'm sharing in your own home.  Whether you choose to have a romantic cheesescape for two or a Valentine's Dessert & Champagne party with your friends, I hope this post has given you a new perspective on how to celebrate this holiday.