Mother's Day Gift Idea: Make a Memory

When I think about my Mom and our relationship over my lifetime, I have realized that the thoughts that pop into my head are never about the actual gifts we have bought for one another, but rather all of our time and experiences together.  This Mother's Day I have decided that instead of sending her some sort of merchandise, I would surprise her with a special DC Weekend Trip (*If you are friends with my Mom, please help me keep this a surprise.  She has been instructed not to read to today's post until Sunday).  

This idea came about a few weeks ago when my Mom had mentioned wanting to visit me over the Summer to see my new house, my brothers apartment and take a trip out to Marjorie Merriweather Post's Hillwood Estate (yep, lots of houses on her DC to-do list).  After hearing wish list for her next DC trip, I thought that it would be fun to surprise her with a trip to DC to not only fulfill her wish list, but also create a few memories beyond just the house visits.  

After giving the weekend a lot of thought, I have come up with a list of activities that I think my mom will  enjoy during her stay in DC.  While I would definitely consider this activity list to be the ultimate weekend itinerary, these are different memory making ideas at different price points that would be great gifts by themselves or as bundled packages to give your mom this Mother's Day.  This is honestly the first time in my life that I have been able to afford to do something like this for my Mom, so I can certainly appreciate the need for gift ideas at various price points.  Added bonus- even with Mother's Day being this Sunday, there is still more than enough time to schedule any one of these gifts.    

Weekend Itinerary

  • Making Dinner at Home-  The first night my Mom is in town, I am going to be making dinner at home for her, my brother and my husband. This will be the only night she will see my husband, since he has very thoughtfully decided to give us a girls weekend and head home to his parent's house in New Jersey.  I will probably make my Lemon and Herb Pork Tenderloin with either Cous Cous or these Roasted Sweet Potato Discs and a Summer vegetable like asparagus or green beans.  
  • Touring All 3 Homes-  Since my Mom will be staying with me, touring House #1 will be accomplished immediately.  The first full day that she is here we will drive out to Hillwood Estate and stop by my brother's new apartment on our way back.
  • Mani/Pedis- This may be surprising, but I am actually not a big fan of getting my nails done.  Reason being, I am constantly working with my hands (cleaning, housework, etc..) and it never fails that I end up chipping the paint within a day or two of having my nails done (yes, even with shellac!).  However, my preference is not what is important here.  This weekend is about my Mom and she enjoys getting her nails done, so that is what we are going to do.  Plus, I enjoy spending time with my Mom regardless of the activity, so it is really a win-win.  
  • Exercise Class-  There is a new Pure Barre Studio that has just opened next to my house, so I have signed us up for an early morning class to get our blood pumping before we head out to the Hillwood Estate tour.  A fun and different exercise class is a great way to spend time together and start the day feeling energized. 
  • Cooking Class-  After my recent Date Night experience at CulinAerie, I am totally hooked on cooking classes.  The weekend my Mom is in town, I have signed us up to take a class on Summer Raw Food Basics, which we both will enjoy since we love to cook and learn about new healthy recipes.  
  • Sunday Brunching- Before her flight departs on Sunday, I will be taking her to brunch at one of my favorite local restaurants with my brother.  This restaurant offers a wide array of brunch options (both healthy and indulgent), and is the perfect way to conclude an action-packed weekend filled with all sorts of new memories and experiences.  

In preparation for the unveiling of this big surprise, I have mailed my Mom 3 Mother's Day Cards in blue envelopes and then one card in a yellow envelope that reads "Open this card last!"  This yellow envelope contains her plane ticket and a note that briefly explains the trip, but then tells her to go to my blog for the full scoop.  It has been so hard to keep this secret, as I have been bursting at the seams with excitement.  My Mom has done so much for me over the years/my entire life, been completely selfless and unconditionally loving, that this is the least I could do to show her my appreciation.  

I hope this post has given you a few ideas on how to celebrate the Mom in your life.  Whether the gesture is big or small, it really is the thought that counts.  

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! (Can't wait to see you!)