DIY Gift Tags

This upcoming holiday weekend has me not only preparing to host, but also to be a guest!  As I have mentioned in my post on Housewarming Gift Ideas for Spring, wine is an easy go-to gift idea.  It can also be a unique and thoughtful gift not only because of the wine label you select, but also the way you choose to present the bottle (ie. gift wrapping).  

When it comes to wrapping/adorning a bottle of wine or champagne for your hostess, wine gift bags are out and wine gift tags are in!  Why?  Wine bags can be cumbersome and I find the gift bag requires a lot of unnecessary paper.  Gift tags can be tied with a cute ribbon, include a nice note and it is honestly more than enough wrapping.  A few wine gift tags that I have been loving recently include this boxed set from Kate Spade and these gold pressed tags from Calliespondence (the name is a total coincidence).

In addition to using pre-made gift tags, I often opt to make my own gift tags (*great for wine bottles and other housewarming gifts).  This is not only a more economical option, but it also adds a special personalization to your gift.  My DIY gift tags do not take long to make and the supplies required for this craft can be used for more than just gift tag making.  Here is what you will need:

  • Package of Placecards
  • Stamp- I am using this pineapple stamp because it is the symbol of hospitality, but there are plenty of great stamp options that would work beautifully on these tags like this one.
  • Ink Pad - I used this gold ink pad for my tags
  • Coordinating Pen- since I used gold ink for my stamp, I opted for this gold pen to write the enclosure.
  • Ribbon- As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a fan of either reusing ribbon I have saved from previous gifts or this ribbon from World Market
  • Hole Punch- I only have a three-hole punch and it works just as well as the single hole punch for this project.  

Whether you choose to buy tags or make your own, they are a great and versatile way to mix up/update your gift wrapping.