Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Decorating and redecorating my coffee table has definitely morphed into a hobby for me.  I actually have found it to be somewhat salubrious, given my insatiable appetite for home decor.  Let me begin by saying that the styling and restyling of your coffee table decor does not have to be expensive.  Often I find myself taking different items from around my home to reinvent my coffee table.  The biggest change is often in the flowers, which you know from reading my post on Budget Friendly Florals and Greenery does not mean that you have to break your bank account.  I have put together a list with links of my best advice for decorating your coffee table, along with links to items that I love to use when decorating and redecorating my own coffee table.    

Make it functional  

Whatever you choose to display should be at least 80% functional.  Meaning that it's great to have to decorative trinkets, but also remember to include items like: 

Fresh is Great

Florals and Greenery can really freshen up a space.  I think that the addition of something living/alive helps to create a warm and welcoming environment.  

These opalescent juice glasses from Anthropologie can also be used as a bud vase. 

These opalescent juice glasses from Anthropologie can also be used as a bud vase. 

Coffee Table Tray

Coffee table trays are great for many reasons, but my top 4 reasons for using a coffee table tray are: 

  1. They consolidate all of the decor on your coffee table into a single organized space.
  2. hey can serve as a foundation for the theme of your coffee table decor aesthetic.
  3. Coffee table trays make it easy to pick up your table decor efficiently when  you need to make space on your table for cocktail party hors d'oeuvres.
  4. Coffee table trays (depending on the tray you use) can also serve as additional serveware.  I have used my West Elm Lacquered Metallic Wood Tray to serve cocktails, desserts and even breakfast in bed!

A few of my favorite coffee table trays (in addition to my West Elm Lacquered Metallic Wood Tray of course!) are: the Z Gallerie Pascual Mirrored Tray, CB2 Square Walnut Tray, Williams-Sonoma Leather Tray, West Elm Reclaimed Wood Tray, World Market Rattan Tray and this Barclay Butera Large Horse Bit Handle Tray (had to include one splurge!). 


This is the first of what I am sure will be many coffee table decor posts.  I hope that this post provides you with the initial information and inspiration to start scaping your coffee table.